MoleBox 9x is a virtualization solution supporting legacy operating systems from Windows 98 to Windows XP, and greater.

It lets you package your software application together with its supplementary files into a single efficient executable that runs on any computer.

MoleBox 9x also protects packed files from being viewed, modified or reused by third-party software.

Run your software without external files

MoleBox 9x processes all application files in order to create a single executable file that keeps the functionality of the original program.

The resulting executable works without extracting packed files to the hard drive and sees packed files as if they actually were on the hard drive. Instead of creating an installer, you can ship a sole executable file to your customers.

Use DLLs and of ActiveX components without installation and registration

MoleBox 9x embeds DLLs and vast majority of ActiveX components into the application and loads integrated components directly to the memory.

While embedding, it extracts all necessary information form ActiveX components and then uses it for initialization when your application loads a component in runtime.

You don’t have to install or register packed components, which allows running the packed applications under user privileges, without modifications to the host computer registry.

Avoiding DLL hell and version conflicts

By embedding correct versions of components used in your software, you can assure that your application always uses the same DLL versions it was compiled with.

Installation of another software using other versions of these components won’t harm your program’s functionality and vice versa.

Protect your DLLs and components from unauthorized use

Embedded components are loaded directly to memory and are never extracted to the hard drive. In runtime, embedded files are also hidden, which protects them from being reused by third party software.

Protect you media assets from prying eyes

Games and multimedia presentations often include a lot of exclusive content: 3D models, textures, 2D images, custom fonts, photos, sound effects and music files.

Obviously, you wouldn’t like if someone else will use your media files.

MoleBox 9x encrypts packaged content files, and these files cannot be viewed, extracted, modified or otherwise used by another person.