Integration Service

Get your software ready for distribution as fast as possible, we’re here to help. We will package your software to a portable standalone executable ourselves, or create a project file for you that you can use later on your own.

Standard Plan – $100

With this option, our engineer will examine your application and recommend the best options for virtualization.

We can also generate command-line scripts for automatic packaging and provide consultations on integrating MoleBox to your workflow.

This service is available to users of MicroISV and Company licenses, and solely for applications developed or authored by our respective customers.

You provide:

  • the original, unpacked application, including all files required to run it, and
  • optionally, usage scenario to test the application after being packed.


  • if the application can be packed with the current version of MoleBox, you get a project file ready for packaging;
  • if the application cannot be packed due to its specialty or its behavior, we’ll give recommendations how it should be changed to make it packageable.

Results in 3 business days after receiving complete application.

Premium Plan

With this option, we take your original application and deliver it already wrapped. License purchase is not required. Pricing depends on application specifics. Service is provided when technically possible.

Additional services with Premium Plan:

  • Custom packaging templates with or without additional functionality;
  • Custom components to perform additional actions on application startup and shutdown;
  • USB copy protection

Custom Development Service

With our extensive experience in software virtualization technologies, we can also offer:

  • Custom versions of MoleBox which will fit your specific requirements, or implement additional functionality required by your applications;
  • Virtualization and protection modules and components to be used in your software;
  • Other software and components based on our virtualization technology.