Get much more flexibility virtualizing your applications

MoleBox SDK is an embeddable virtualization engine.

Not only it allows you to package your own software, but also adds virtualization functionality to your application development tools.

MoleBox SDK virtualizes some system functions, like access to files or registry entries, which allows the host application to be isolated from operating system.

MoleBox SDK operates packages that can contain executable and data files, and elements of virtual environment – registry keys and environment variables.

Packages can be created with included MoleBox VS wrapper or with a 3rd party wrapper.

MoleBox SDK lets you load packages when necessary and then access files and environment elements like if they were physically installed.

Flexible application virtualization

MoleBox SDK lets you virtualize existing Windows applications with the maximum flexibility possible:

  • The main executable file is not packaged. This allows to apply 3rd party wrappers or protectors, and reduces risk of antivirus false positives.
  • Data packages may remain external, or they may be appended to the main executable thus producing a single-executable application.
  • You gain full control over package loading time and order. For example, you may want to password-protect your media files, then you will load the data package only when the user enters correct password. Keeping package unloaded also helps to protect its content from unauthorized access.
  • You can utilize your own format for data packages which is unfamiliar to hackers, to increase security of data files.

Create applications able to package content files

Here are some use cases where your users would love to hide their custom content files and make a standalone application:

  • Multimedia authoring tools
  • Rapid game development tools
  • Educational software development tools
  • Survey and questionnaire building tools
  • Databases viewers, and many more