Application virtualization service
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MoleBox SDK

Molebox SDK gives you maximum flexibility in application virtualization. Whether you want to package your own software, or add packaging capabilities to your development tools, our solution is right for you.

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MoleBox 9x

MoleBox 9x converts existing software applications into standalone executables that run on any computer without installation . MoleBox 9x is a legacy virtualization solution, supporting operating systems from Windows 98 and greater.

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What's new

MoleBox VS:
Command line overrriding through packaging options and API. New version also features managed files visibility and file selection priority which helps solving file name conflicts.

MoleBox SDK:
Embeddable application virtualization engine for Windows. Demo version is available on request.

Custom solutions and services

Besides our software, we're glad to offer:

  • custom development based on our virtualization technology;
  • custom virtualization solutions to work in your environment;
  • wrapping your applications with MoleBox;
  • consulting on using MoleBox and integrating it to your workflow.

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